Wednesday, May 5, 2010

and they played, and they played, and they played...

I must admit I was getting a little concerned.

Jersey wants to play but Zion renders it as Jersey wants to control his life, which she does. Zion screeches, Jersey chides, to a fault. They arm wrestle, head-lock cuddle, schlepping along with deafening screeches and other stress inducing sounds. I worry that if sibling rivalry is setting in this early, I'm in for it.

He pummels her over the head with a hollow bowling ball and she laughs. She calls for me. *Mamaaaaa, watch this! Zion does something that is SO FUNNY and I just CRACK up!* I'm so confused.

Today they played together for hours, just them. *smile* The dining room table became a wondrous haven for snuggling blankets and pretending to watch movies on the biiiiiiig screen, drinking sippies 'til they were wasted in sibling ecstasy. They giggled. It was oh so good. Jersey dressed him in fairy wings while he chose the plastic blue basket to adorn his head and the broken blinds rod to use as a sword. He followed her around the house just waiting to see what she'd do next, so he could do it too. He'd avert, then follow again. Our white, gargantuan down comforter has become the Cloud that bears the brunt of many a dive and jump and the occasional pretend nite-nite. They seemed to have an endless array of options that looked just glorious to them. They were in some sort of Atlantis of their very own with fun galore and much, much more to think up.

They enjoyed each other.

Wow, that does the heart good.

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