Tuesday, March 22, 2011

on growing a business and neurocognitive-ness in my children.

***New things are coming from Christine Sweet Photography, for one, a name change. Wait and see! But don't get too awakened with anticipation... it won't be that different. :)

So as I've pondered growing my photography biz in the past, I've honestly shuttered at the thought of the possible ramifications. I mean, I've thought of it in terms of time lost with my kids. Time away from them. Time that denotes something... I missed.

That is so messed up.

Anyway, it's the bondage that's messed up, not that I want to be a consistent presence in my childrens' life. In fact the reason why building my business is even enticing to me right now is because there will (hopefully) be minimal time away from my kids. Jersey will be in preschool next year 5 days a week, I'll only likely schedule one session per week and Zion will be watched by a charming teenage sitter in the upstairs of my home. It's perfect. :) No, but it really is, and if it works I'm so. dang. happy.

I want to be there for them, you know? I want to be there... here, enough and with not 500 other things weighing on my mind so I can truly and prudently observe them. See into their hearts. See the words behind the words. Discern. Pray. Ponder. So I can see them. They need intentionality. They're growing people... their little brains are being wired, their billions of neurons are forging little pathways that will determine their response mechanisms and behaviors and beliefs when they're 30 and yes, if I think about this too much it makes me anxiety-dizzy but it also makes me stop and realize how valuable they are. And how important my Mama job is. Dang.

Ok, so the downstairs Study of our new home will be transformed into my new Natural light Newborn/Child Photog Studio! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! I'm so excited! I'll have wood flooring and alternate flooring and wood backdrops and I don't know what other crazy sopisticated but natural but fresh-ish backdrops I'll settle on but it will be fab. Eventually. Then I'll need knit hats and big flower headbands and cheesecloth and blankets and little newborns cacoon things and hammocks and branches and wooden crates and fur and... anyway, you get the idea. Obvious to all is that cheesecloth plus naked newborn definitely equals art. :)