Monday, November 30, 2009

simple and in love.

Dear my Dearest Hubby ever,

First of all I must say that I'm stealing this idea from a fellow photog blogger, the idea of writing to you about the little things we may forget... that I may forget. Because they're simple and nothing especially noteworthy. Just the pure lovliness that is my life with you. I'm such a sucker for these kinds of sentiments. Such a sap. ** I'm seeing you do that half head-cocked laugh and the slight roll of your eyes that isn't quite rude, just a little playful mixed with the YES, we've been married for 7 years and 364 days and not afraid to show it a little.**

Anyway, this is what makes my heart happy today and everyday.

Last night while ironing your shirts, hating it but loving that your shirts radiate that smell that is only you. I love that smell. It makes me feel at home and happy. And remember my birthday? Wasn't it perfect? You made it perfect. Thank you. My roses are still amazing. I love that you gave me the 'we've been married for like 50 years card that says, "For my Wife" in that fancy cursive font with the music notes floating in the background. Oh, and I loved laughing with you last night. You actually laughed at one of my jokes. You NEVER laugh and my jokes. I love keeping you awake when you so desperately want to go to sleep, talking a mile a minute and you not hating me for it.

My favorite part of today was seeing our daughter run to you as you were leaving the house for your special goodbye ritual. Kisses and big hugs and hopes of your return. Oh yes, and it made me happy when you asked yesterday why there wasn't coffee brewing. Can't explain it. Just made me feel all warm and cozy.... or is it cosy? I've seen it both ways. And no, it wasn't by a 3rd grader.

I like reading with you, walking with you... that is, JUST you. :) Haven't done that in a while. I like playing Warlords and drinking coffee and talking about Micro-Economics and your genius theory of Certainty. I love your mind. It completely fascinates me. I love that when I bring up my parents dog you say weird things like, "What your Mom needs to do is weigh the benefit of having a dog with the opportunity costs she is blah, blah, blah...." See? I'm not even saying it right. Ughhhhh!

Anyway, you are the craziest, most intelligent, hottest man in the world and I'm glad I get to spend normal everyday days with you.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

what I'm looking forward to the most.

I turn 30 in 5 days. WHAT?!?!?! Where does life go?

Well, in light of my birthday fast approaching my awesome hubby brought up the subject at dinner last night. My 3 year old, Jersey pipes in,

Her: "Mommy, what do you want to do for your birthday?"
Me: "Hmmmmmm"
Her: "Like, wif each uhver"
(before I could answer...)
Her: "I could get out my baby doll stuff. Do you want to play baby dolls wif each uhver?"
Me: "Are you kidding? YES!!! That is exactly what I want to do on my birthday!!!"

Seriously? She makes me smile and makes each day sweeter. What I'm looking forward to the most about turning 30 is starting the year off with my favorite thing to do. Playing baby dolls with my daughter on the floor beside her bed. And even though AS SOON as I meticulously dress, wrap, and feed MY baby doll, she ALWAYS, asks to "trade". AS SOON as I get my baby doll just the way I want her... she asks to trade. Let it go, Christine, you're turning 30.

Here she is. Isn't she lovely...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Holiday Mini Sessions!

Christine Sweet Photography is now booking Holiday Mini Sessions!

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Merry Christmas to you and yours from Christine Sweet Photography!