Wednesday, March 10, 2010

*shrinking sheepishly at latest mama-wife manifesto*



Empty dishwasher promptly at 8:30a.m. so as not to allow dirty, nastiness pile up during the day.

Pick up after yourself.

Pick up after Jersey. Teach Jersey to pick up after herself.

Pick up after Zion.

Homeschool Jersey with patience and remind yourself that this is heaven. Because it kind of is.

Eat healthily. (ie. add veggies, subtract sweets, eat salads ALL THE TIME until convinced)

When passing a used tissue on the floor, do not step over. Pick up. Throw away.

Do not exceed snooze limit of 3 times. Not ever. Get up. And tonight, remember how tired you were and try going to bed earlier. Just once.

Do dishes after dinner even though you sometimes always feel like you've run a 10k. Backwards. Really fast.



Baby doll passies mingling against their will with used Popsicle sticks and scribbled on paper my daughter's art.

Totino's frozen pizza that I bought for $1.59 is lookin' real good. Can't resist. Must preheat oven to 400 degrees asap. Before I change my mind.

On-the-Go Drink Mix packets and juice stained water bottles lying EVERYWHERE!

Homeschool assignments left undone. Plans left unplanned.

Zion's dry, stale cereal crumbs found in the following places: including, but not limited to, his high chair and within said toddler's throw range, every inch of family room floor, coffee table, my slippers, his hair, my hair, and floating in sippy.

Agendas looming.

Sweating cheese left from quiet time, quietly quiet on the floor beside my daughter's bed.

Clean laundry unfolded in a pile. Pause. Take second look. Remove pizza encrusted polo shirt. Yes, ahhhh, clean laundry pile. Note the word "unfolded".

Perfectly edible and planned-for-tomorrow dinner leftovers found 3 hours later still on counter. huff.


I'm getting better. I am.

I am!


I'd write out my progress but I can see this post is getting tired. Just trust me. I'm facing the fact that in my current state I'm lazy. And when I realized this, I scoured my brain for a magic solution for I didn't feel like working to fix it.


Disclaimer: My husband would say I'm not giving myself enough credit. Maybe I'm not. This is just my life as I see it, but then again I tend to wear funny glasses. And my house isn't always like this. Just sometimes. :)


  1. I can really relate to this one!

    You might have messy moments, but I think you're beautiful and I have an award for you to prove it!

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. Maybe this is wrong, but I LOVED reading about the "actual condition of the house" part. Oh my gosh. Seriously. Like, I sometimes wonder, is the me that looks through those homey magazines and plans out my perfect home is living in the alternate reality of the me who lives in a home that....isn't even close. I mean, I step over the crumpled tissue on the floor sometimes. But then, who ever told you that there would be so many?? :-) THANKS chica!