Saturday, December 5, 2009

"If They Could Just Stay Little"

It's on the cover of Jersey's Baby book. I debated. How silly. You can't wish them tiny forever, can you? Selfish. Unhealthy.

Here I am, sometimes dreaming back the days of Jersey as my warm, squishy baby girl, tied to "Sah-Buh" and passy and me. And now my Zion. Willing him to stay a baby, but alas he grows. Barely hanging on to his "Ba-Ba" and utterly passy addicted. That part, I secretly love.

Yes, I'm a Mama of young-ins. I can't imagine life with them big, independent. For now, our favorite part of each day, yes all of us, is snuggled up on the couch reading books, warmed by Christmas lights and Jesus blankets and we're happy. So gosh, what's the harm. They'll grow, I'll adjust, and life will be as it should. And right now, life is as it should. I love my life, yes, sometimes mourning yesterday's passing but filled with hope for all of tomorrow.

But come on, look at him. You can't deny the appeal.

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  1. I was absolutely captivated as I read your blog last night. The intricate ramblings of your mind (and what a beautiful mind it is) laid out for the world to see. Me thinks if I think correctly, thinks you should write a book. You have a God given talent to write among other things. God blessed me with 2 kids who have more talent than Barney could ever imagine or Dora could ever explore. Keep writing.

    I used to wish for you and Brian Mc to stay lap size but, even with all my wishing, you both grew up. Of course, I have found that through each stage of your life (and mine) there was joy, surprise, fun, change, growth, decisions, learning, life lessons and so much more with a deepening of my love for you and the person you were and are becoming. God has certainly transformed your mind and Brian's (Mc) into something beautiful..

    Also, without growth there would be no Brian Sweet or Nicole and most of all no Kerri, Aidan, Elly, Jersey, or Zion. So, growth is good; just keep that Toys R us kid close by. You, Christie, amaze me!

    Love, MOM